Sunday, February 20, 2011

ArtsEcho's 50% Off Secret-Back-Room-Sale (or) Spring is Almost Here!

Dear Friends: 
You won't believe how many lovely spring-y vintage clothes we are putting on our racks at ArtsEcho Galleria!  And although beautifully made, beautifully designed vintage clothing NEVER EVER goes out of style, we have no room to store winter-y clothes...we use that cute back room for rehearsals, photoshoots, etc. 

SO...big time sale time!  mink on mannequin

Stop by this weekend and all next week and get some of the great things that we have for the cool weather at a 50% discount!  They are in our secret (well...not so secret, but partially hidden) back room and you can peek (and, of course, buy) to your heart's proverbial content at really, really low prices.  Even our lovely Italian sweater jackets from the 70s & 80s, mot to mention our mink, raccoon and rabbit coats...all are on sale for 50% off.  I love vintage fur's warm, beautiful, and if we don't use it, it'll go into landfills.  Here's a taste of what else you will find back there:
black velvet dress 
Yes, that is the wonderful Zoe, and no, you will not find her in our shop...  She went back to her native Canada to host a new television program.  Lucky Canada...

The Babatunde Ajiboye Fashion Show was one of the wildest events I have ever attended (not to mention hosted...)  I hope to have photos to amaze you with next week.  The show started with a model who slithered out on the floor of the "runway" here in snake makeup and a wearable art creation with a long train and it went on from there.    

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS: Two weeks from tonight (that's March 4th from 6 - 9 pm) we will have a Meet-the-Artist Reception for quilter Lisa Chipetine and her fascinating contemporary art quilts.  Here's one called "Spinal Tap":

PPS: We're at 455 W 43rd Street and at 646 692 6277.  We're here in our slice of Hell's Kitchen on Tues - Sat from 12 - 8 and Sun from 12 - 6. 

PPPS: Please tell your fiber arts and vintage fashion loving friends about can forward this email to them.  We don't mind.

PPPPS:  It's 62 degrees outside!  Is that possible?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lagos, Barbie & Dolly Parton (or) The Babatunde Ajiboye Fashion Show

Dear Friends: 
In an ongoing effort to never do boring, we are celebrating Valentine's Day with a most unboring fashion show. (It begins at about 6:30pm, February 14th...Monday!)  

Babatunde Ajiboye, designer extraordinaire, will be here together with some spectacular models and even more spectacular (if that's possible) clothing.  And you are invited, most cordially.

Babatunde is from Lagos, Nigeria, and studied fashion design in MassArts.  He uses couture tailoring techniques to make both structured and free-moving designs that often use extreme multi-layering to create clouds of fabric.  His designs have been described as flamboyant and outrageous and they work wonderfully because of that couture background.  All I can say is "wow".

Well, I can say a little more...  When I asked Babatunde about his early influences, I expected to hear exotic stories about life in Lagos.  Instead he told me that he loved to create wild costumes for his sister's Barbie dolls (with African fabric, of course) and dreamed of Dolly Parton wearing one of his pieces on stage.

Here is a Babatunde Ajiboye dress to whet your fashionista appetites...
Babatunde Backless Dress

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  Speaking of Valentine's Day, we have absolutely stunning jewels here!  Sterling silver settings, gemstones like peridot, jasper, mystic topaz, ice blue topaz, smoky topaz, Botswana agate (one of my favorites), natural rubies and emeralds and much more.   We put them in gorgeous little gift bags with red tissue paper.  We are so cool.

PPS:  Here are Chris Crocco and Peter Slavov performing last Friday night.  It was a musical night that will never be forgotten by the lucky folk who heard it.  Chris calls his music "fluid" and I finally understood why.  They are performing right below a fabulous quilt by Lisa Chipetine and a paper sculpture by Gerardo Latino.
chris & peter
PPPS:  We're right here at 455 W 43rd St.  You can reach us at 646 692 6277.  We're also on Facebook at ArtsEcho.  We're open T-F 12 - 8 and Sunday 12 - 6, HOWEVER, we'll be here all day on Valentine's Day (that's this Monday) preparing for the Fashion Show so come on in for that gorgeous last minute gift.
PPPPS:  Guess which one is me:
Babatunde, Sandra, Libra

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Warm & Toasty at ArtsEcho Galleria (or) Let it Snow, Let it (everyone join in!)

Dear Friends:
We at ArtsEcho are determined types.  We never let a little snow (...a little?) keep us from our daily rounds...which include finding some truly special vintage items not to mention quite incredible artists and musicians for the exhibitions and "soirees" that we hold here. 

Here are some of the things coming up:

Friday next (February 4 at 8pm) is the Chris Crocco Fluid Duo with Chris on guitar and Peter Slavov on double bass.  This is an intimate concert (...intimate is a given here at ArtsEcho as we're not quite as big as Alice Tully Hall) and it's such a personal way to hear/experience live music.  Afterwards, we'll all drink and nosh and ask probing and intelligent questions of the charming musicians (well, you guys can...I'll just shmooze).chris crocco guitar 

Monday, February 14th, is the fashion show/musical happening of designer Babatunde Ajiboye.  It's called "Sisi Eko" which means "Lagos Gal" in one of the 510 languages spoken in Nigeria ( good friend Google told me). 
baba dress

This Sunday we'll be parting from some of the brilliant art quilts by Carolyn Lee Vehslage (we'll be keeping several due to their incredible popularity here) and welcoming the surreal/abstract quilts of fiber artist Lisa Chipetine.  (Opening exhibition coming up...soon TBA'd.)

Now as for the warm & toasty part...I'm sitting on our famous pink couch drinking our secret-recipe spicy hot chocolate (which we make for intrepid souls who come here to shop on rainy and/or snowy days...), surrounded by lovely antiques, beautiful clothing and sparkling sterling silver.  Join me!

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  That sparking sterling silver mentioned above (unique rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets) make the very BEST Valentine's Day presents...just a hint.silver purse

PPS:  Our January/February hours are 12 - 8 Tues - Sat and 12 - 6 on Sunday.

PPPS:  You can call us at 201 692 6277 and visit us onlinehere

PPPPS: ...or in the flesh at 455 W 43rd St...

Walking in a Vintage Wonderland (or) 25% off Winter Goodies!

Dear Friends:

In the spirit of Krispy Kreme and Kute Kids, I thought of calling this sale "Winter Wintage" or possibly "Vinter Vintage".  I know...terrible.  But the sale is great!

Carolina Herrara is on sale (well, not Carolina herself, but a fabulous black coat with faux leopard sleeves and collar that she designed)...and an outrageous chartreuse rabbit fur...and wonderful 60s, 70s & 80s sweaters and dresses (like this satin dress with velvet sleeves).  Not to mention some fantastic mink and raccoon coats, jackets, and capes that will keep you warm for decades to come....they never go out of style. 
kerri in velvet sleeve dress and hat
Stop by, we're at 455 West 43rd St and it's warm and toasty inside.  We're here from 12 - 8 Tues - Sat and 12 - 6 on Sunday (and when it's raining or snowing we serve our secret-recipe spicy hot chocolate). 

Warm regards,
Sandra and the charming ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  Our first Vintage Lover's Brunch is coming up!  Save the date: Sunday, Jan 30 at 12 pm for mimosa's, croissants and 10% off exclusive shopping.

PPS:  The incredible fiber art of Carolyn Lee Vehslage (based on multiple silk screenings of the three "b"s...brain scans, boats & Beethoven) is here on exhibit until January 31st.  Don't miss it!

PPPS:  Feb 4th is a Friday night and you are all invited to the Chris Crocco Fluidic Duo here at ArtsEcho...intimate music in an intimate, (men &) women, and song...

PPPPS:  That wild 6'6" designer, Babatunde Ajiboye, from Lagos, Nigeria, is here on Valentine's Day with an entire fashion show of his stunning designs. 

PPPPPS:  Pass this email on to all the vintage lovers and fiber arts lovers that you know.  You can also "like" us at ArtsEcho on FB...we like you, after all.