Tuesday, March 1, 2011

55 Million Year Old Fossil Jewelry (or) How to Keep Birthdays in Perspective

Dear Friends:  Fossils and gemstones make great birthday gifts, especially for those significant decade-change birthdays like 20, 30, 40...100.  What's a mere 40 years when you're wearing a wonderful fossil or gemstone (on a handmade matching leather thong or sterling silver rope chain) that's still beautiful after 55 million years? 

Fossil, agate, garnet & amethyst sterling silver pendant on a matching forest green leather thong, $78  
That's what I call putting things into perspective.

Season changes are perspective-y as well.  By late February life is so Russian novel...so long...so hopeless...and then, suddenly, you notice those tiny bumps on a desolate looking tree branch and life starts again.

Stop by to see our new (well...new from the 1920s - 1980s) things.  Lime with flowers, light blue paisleys, navy with white polka dots...(but don't expect polka music..we're still into cool piano jazz and Brazilian songs).

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  Come join us next Friday night (March 4, 6 - 9) to raise a glass and welcome the wonderful work of art quilter Lisa Chipetine, now on display at ArtsEcho.

PPS:  Our fabulous 50% off Winter Sale continues with items like this one:
Hand-embroidered hooded sweater jacket from Italy, 1980s, now $80!

PPPS:  We're at 455 W 43rd St, between 9th and 10th, across from that charming park, down the street from The Little Pie Company, surely one of the nicest blocks in Manhattan.   

PPPPS:  For those of you who have trouble finding us...we're getting a real sign!  Also, just look for Food Emporium on the south side and we're right across the street.

PPPPPS:  Please pass this email on to your unique-clothing-loving, art-loving, sterling-silver-jewelry-loving friends.

PPPPPPS:  Enough already.

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