Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Friends:

Talk about finding a needle... 

The single needle in existence that is 40,000 years old (give or take a year or two) was not found in that much-mentioned haystack, but in a cave.  More recent is a needle found in France.  This one was definitely used for sewing and it's only (only!) 19,000 years old.  Christian Dior & Yves St. Laurent (two ArtsEcho favorites) came a bit later.

Textiles are among the great ubiquitous heroes of the modern world...used more than metal or wood or plastic.  Almost every human on the planet uses textiles every day.  Great textiles in the hands of fine artists make great Fiber Art (part of the answer to "Why Fiber Art?").

Textiles are just coming into vogue (so to speak) in the art world.  Museums have recently begun presenting clothing as art (FIT and the Met are two great examples here in NY).  Here is one of the first couturiers, Charles Frederick Worth, with two of his magnificent works of art:

charles worth

Sadly, the Worth gowns are not for sale at ArtsEcho Galleria. 

BUT, these are!! And you can buy them with the help of that cute and exclusive coupon below...(you knew I had to get to the selling part eventually...)  The one on the left (modelled by our intern Kerri) is from a Hollywood film.  On Zoe is a heavily front-and-back beaded gown from the 70s. 

Warm regards, have a lovely weekend & come visit us,
Sandra and the hard-working and ever-cheerful ArtsEcho Galleria team.

PS:  Next Wednesday, Dec 8th!  Hope to see you all here for a wonderful party beginning at 7pm.

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PPPS:  Don't miss the lovely blurb about us in Time Out.


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