Friday, December 3, 2010

ArtsEcho Welcomes Two Great Fiber Artists: Carolyn Lee Vehslage and Gerardo Latino

On Exhibit from Dec 8 through Jan 31
Meet-the-Artists Reception on Dec 8 from 7 - 10

We are so pleased to have two magnificent artists to launch the Fiber Arts initiative at ArtsEcho Galleria.  Carolyn Lee Vehslage is an amazing contemporary quilt artist who has exhibited in many states and countries.  Her work is highly individualized and often based on personal experiences including numerous brain scans.  In her "Archeology" series that will be on exhibit at ArtsEcho, Carolyn not only silk screens brain images but also her concept of what the brain contains from moment to moment, from scores of Mozart operas to the NYC subway map!  

Gerardo Latino is a paper sculptor from Nicaragua.  His skill and technique are unmatched.  Working with minute knives and archival watercolor paper, he brings Mayan and Aztec masks to life.  Scorpions, Japanese theatre images and even a portrait of Albert Einstein (commissioned by ArtsEcho Galleria) are among the subjects that Gerardo creates in three-dimensional paper. 

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