Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Friends:

Here at ArtsEcho Galleria, we love funny.  And, luckily, we're in an area in which many jocular people live (not to mention shop, gotta get that in here somewhere...)  

We were chatting with some of the engaging folk who stop by our charming little Galleria, and one of them commented on the proliferation of Thai restaurants in the neighborhood.  He told us of a recurring nightmare he has in which he comes home and there, lo and behold, (...I always wanted to say that) was a new YumYum restaurant, right in the middle of his bedroom.  Waking up in a cold sweat at this point, he then can't get back to sleep as the aroma of nam phrik is so powerful...

As I write this, more surreal things are occurring by the moment.  The Great Blizzard of Monday is melting in Friday's 44 degree weather...and enormous bunches of gorgeous balloons (from "Balloon Bouquet" next door) are walking by on their way to Times Square and all those New Year's Eve parties. 

Happy New Year to all!  May you have good health, enough money and love in your life, and just as important as all the rest, lots of funny stuff to make you laugh.

Warm regards,
Sandra, Zoe, Chandra, and the hard-laughing ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  We're here on Sunday from 12 - 6.  Come in and spend some of that Christmas Gelt.  Monday we're closed, but we're open Tues - Sat from 12 - 8.  

PPS:  We are hosting a fabulous concert here on February 4th!  The Chris Crocco Fluidic Duo (guitar and double bass) will be performing here at 8pm.  This is the first in our upcoming series of highly intimate, highly affordable (suggested donations which go right to the artists) performances here in the Galleria.  Refreshments, of course (we love a party!)  
Here's Chris:
chris crocco

PPPS:  You can call us at 646 692 6277 and visit us at our website.

PPPPS:  On February 14th, we have a Fashion Show of the amazing work of Babatunde Ajiboye.  Here is a photo to whet those fashionista appetites:

baba and libra
Babatunde Ajiboye with model Libra Jiminez wearing "Butterfly Pants"

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