Tuesday, September 6, 2011

400 Years of Mothers Days

Dear Friends:
Have I ever mentioned that we have WONDERFUL PRESENTS for Mother's Day??  (Now I have.)

Glorious rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets (elegant in sterling silver with gemstones or blingy animals in Swarovski crystals).  Not to mention the loveliest silk scarves and thin-as-air silk shawls (perfect over summer dresses when the air-conditioning reminds you of Reykjavik in February).  And those adorable vintage bags and hats.  

According to my good friend Wikipedia, we have been celebrating a day for mothers since the 1600s.  Mothering Day, as it was then known, was a holiday for the English working classes.  It was an unusual day in which servants (who were grudgingly given one afternoon off every other week) could travel home to see their families.  And of course, presents were taken home to Mother.

Since humankind made its appearance on this little globe of ours, there have been about 26 billiion people born.  Now that's a lot of mothers. 

Here are a few of the lovely things that we have for your mother...wife... daugher...sister...friend...grandmother...boss...girlfriend...significant other...
Mystic Topaz & Sterling Silver
  Hand-Tooled Leather & Purple Agate


You have another WEEK to decide (and if you can't, we have very useful GIFT CERTIFICATES...let Mom make her own decision...that way she can try on some of the pieces from our great vintage collection as well.)

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  We're here from 12 - 8 on Saturday and 12 - 6 on Sunday.  And 12 - 8 from Tuesday through Friday as well.  You can reach us at 646 692 6277. 

PPS:  We're at 455 W 43rd St on the way to the delightful Pier 84 park on the Hudson.

PPPS:  Please pass this email on to all your friends who love superb vintage clothing.

PPPPS:  This week several people told me that they hadn't come in previously because the shop looks so expensive.  WE ONLY LOOK EXPENSIVE!!!!  We hear (again and again) that we have the lowest prices for wonderful vintage clothing in the city.  Come in and see for yourself.

PPPPPS:  Enjoy the lovely weather this weekend.

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