Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Terracotta Neckties in 221 BC (or) Careful with the Bolonese

Dear Friends:
I'm always amazed when I see vintage ties (or any ties for that matter) that are clean and pristine with no telltale signs of last night's wasabi, borscht, pad tai or bolonese. 

For people who love fabric, design, color and minimalism, ties are quite amazing.  They pack an enormous creative punch in such a tiny little space.  Although fairly standard in length and shape, they are wildly versatile in fabric, width, color, pattern and even message (political, cultural or Betty Boop).  The only thing I don't get about ties is why guys wear them. 

Our Famous Men's Department

Well, we women do get to be creative with almost every part of our wardrobe but until fairly recently, ties were the only way that men had to express sartorial inventiveness.  And then it had to take place between the lapels of grey or blue suits.  We have ties by Balmain, de la Renta, Dior, Givenchy (he made ties when he wasn't busy creating the wardrobe for many of Audrey Hepburn's  films) and many more.  Jerry Garcia of Deadhead fame made great ties and we just got one designed by Miles Davis of all people (who knew?) and you can see his music in the design (back row, second from right).

terracotta army  

And here are the "Terracotta Warriors" from 221 BC found in 1974 near Xian, China.  They were discovered by some (probably very surprised) farmers while drilling a well.  They represent the main defending force of the Emperor Qin.  So far about 2000 have been unearthed and about 4000 more are still underground.  And they are wearing ties!  Even the horses are wearing ties.

Warm regards,  
Sandra and the charming ArtsEcho Galleria team including Chandra, Zaghara,  Stephanie and Catrina. 

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