Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sandra Bendor Arrested For Offering Kisses at ArtsEcho

Dear Friends:
At ArtsEcho Galleria we always have Hershey's kisses on hand to welcome people.  We get lots of tourists visiting our charming little gallery.  I recently greeted a very tall Swedish gentleman with a bowl of Hershey's and asked if he wanted a kiss.  After my arrest...well, you can't blame him...not everyone knows that the iconic little silver-wrapped chocolates are called kisses.  And just to segue into Mother's Day, (you knew I had to get that in here somewhere) we have other silver kisses at ArtsEcho...these are Sterling Silver and look like this:

My two lovely daughters (that's the hand of one of them modeling the rings) are the kind of young women who make any mother proud.  At ArtsEcho I get to meet so many young women who are enterprising, hard-working, hard-studying, thoughtful and creative people. 

At a recent Chashama party on 43rd St (that's the excellent arts organization run by Anita Durst that discovers and promotes artists and finds spaces for them to exhibit) I met Nubia Blaque who is an incredibly talented handbag designer.  Nubia is creating spectacular things for our small but growing "Sustainable Couture" collection.  She made this amazing backpack with leathers, suedes and silks from our collection of existing fabrics.   Here she is reflected in our 1912 Art Nouveau mirror:
Nubia mirror
Stop on by for a look at these marvelous creations, and/or to BUY A GREAT GIFT FOR MOTHER (that's just a hint) WHICH WE WILL PUT IN A LOVELY GIFT BAG (more hint).

We'll also offer you a Hershey's kiss...

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team.

PS:  We're open today, Saturday, from 12 - 8.  Tomorrow (yes, that's MOTHER'S DAY) we're open from 10am for those LAST MINUTE WONDERFUL GIFTS like these gorgeous silk scarves from Southeast Asia that cost $38:
scarves in door

PPS:  We're at 455 W 43rd between 9th & 10th and you can call us at 646 692 6277.

PPPS:  Please pass this email on to all your buddies.

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