Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Useful Antiques at ArtsEcho Galleria (other than Sandra...)

Dear Friends:W Wooten

Who's that giggling man in the photo? Here's a hint: he was one of 13 children, born in 1836 in Indiana.  Still can't guess?  OK, he's William S. Wooten.

And for the next question: who on earth is William S. Wooten?

Well, in 1874 he invented the Wooten Desk which was a 19th century marvel, and (of course) we happen to have one on hand at ArtsEcho, our charming little gallery. 

Wooten Desk
The Wooten Masterpiece at ArtsEcho Galleria

The Wooten Desk was an ingenious solution to the ever growing complexity of business details generated by the Industrial Revolution. Presidents Grant, Garfield and Harrison used them.  So did Queen Victoria and John D. Rockefeller.  Henry Ford loved his.  You can see one of the originals at the wonderful Thomas Edison National Site in West Orange, NJ, exactly 18 miles from Manhattan and one of the best trips you'll ever take.   

Wooten Desk Closed
Perfect for the Victorian parlor when the doors are closed.
Now ours is for sale (as you might have surmised).  It's a handcarved, mid 20th Century reproduction and costs $6500...(just a little pricier than our lovely 1980s blouses that start at $32).  The original Wooten Desks, produced from 1874 - 1891, go for $125,000 - $750,000 (in case you've saved lots of pennies in a very big jar).  And they are still very useful.  Laptops fit them perfectly and CDs are the exact size for all those cute cubbies.  It's as if Wooten had measured a CD himself.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS:  Just a reminder: the concert "21st Century Music & On", at Merkin Hall on 67th Street (in which I am singing three terrific songs by prolific composer Ronn Yedidia) is tomorrow, April 3rd, at 8pm. 

PPS:  We have so many new and wonderful items in the store.  Including adorable spring-y dresses from the 40s, 60s, 70s and 80s. 

PPPS:  And, to remind you all that we are a very dog-friendly store, here's a photo of our Guy, surely one of the most photogenic (and patient!) dogs in the world. 

guy in hatPPPS:  Please pass on this email to your vintage apparel, unusual jewelry, wild antique (and animal) loving friends.

PPPPS: We're at 455 W 43rd St between 9th and 10th, just down and across from that sweet park where the Farmer's Market is opening...now that it's (can it be?) finally spring.

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