Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Black Silk...and Pucci on Steroids

Dear Friends:  

Still wearing my earmuffs, but just planted lovely pansies in the window boxes framing our charming little gallery.  Hope that the pansies will survive and that I'll be able to take the earmuffs off before July 4th.  Inside our warm and cozy place we've been photographing some of the irresistible items that we've just acquired and here are a few photos to regale you all...

This lovely black dress ($76) is pure silk...scrunchy, light, figure-hugging and ankle length.  Worn here with an antique straw hat ($78) from Venice (Italy, not California) and a vintage faux coin belt ($42).  (...just coined "faux coin".) 
black silk long dress   

And here is a fine and soft viscose dress ($68) with a fabulous Asian print motif of fans and flowers and a high V with bracelet length sleeves.  The dress just skims the knee.
red asian print dress   

On to a silk dress ($88), fully lined.  The silk has all of the little slubs that characterize this kind of douppioni silk made by those active little devils, the mulberry silk worms.  The stripes are slightly uneven as if they were drawn by hand.silk striped dress  

And here is the "Pucci on Steroids" dress.  Emilio Pucci was known for his amazing prints, and this dress just goes a bit farther.  Neon, psychedelic colors were all the rage in 1971 and are still (or perhaps again) all the rage in 2011.
neon print dress 

Warm regards,
Sandra and the hardworking, hard flyer-distributing ArtsEcho team.

PS:  Thank you all for the many birthday wishes.  Here's I am in my favorite chair at ArtsEcho Galleria (of course) holding a ubiquitous cup of tea.  Ladies (of a certain age) are never supposed to tell, so I won't...but I was born when Harry S. Truman was President...4 years before Eisenhower was elected and 3 years after the end of WW 2.  History buffs...?   Sandra at ArtsEcho   

PPS: We're at 455 W 43rd St between 9th and 10th and you can reach us at 646 692 6277.  We're here from 12 - 8 Tues - Sat and 12 - 6 on Sunday.   

PPPS:  Please forward this email to any wonderful people you know (forget the rest...we only do wonderful people here...).

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