Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dear Friends:
If you guessed that 8 billion pounds is the amount of fabric that we in the US throw into landfills every year, you win, sadly, the cigar.  Actually, it's between 8 and 9 billion pounds, but who's counting? 

Well, we are.  And to try to do something about it, we're collecting superb fabric and giving the fabric to artists and fashion designers to use in creating beautiful new works of art and wearable art.  There is so much gorgeous fabric out there and we need to use it and use it well!
Luisa at Domus
Luisa and Nicki, our neighbors who own the wonderful store, Domus, on 44th Street (just west of 9th Ave), gave us a huge donation of fabric swatches this week (gorgeous polyester and viscose from Italy)...for fashion designers and fiber artists to use in their work.  That's Luisa with a handwoven shawl from Domus' amazing collection of beautiful things from all over the world. 

And speaking of gorgeous polyester, here's a photo of one of our classic 1980's poly dresses.  It is modeled by Sabrina of Basic Model Management with hair and makeup by Victoria Ducane.  The photo was taken by a new friend of ours, fashion photographer Jon Macapodi, who is using our collection for his work and letting us use his stunning photos!  It's what a Russian friend of mine calls a vin-vin situation... 

And speaking of vin...this time the French kind...we will have some lovely vin on hand tomorrow after 5 to toast the (almost here) spring!  I was going to say that's a vin-vin-vin situation but I won't sink that low.

Warm regards,
Sandra and the (growing!) ArtsEcho Galleria team

PS: Yup...455 W 43rd...close to 10th...look for our very vintag-y and Fabulous & Friendly Female Flyer Folk For Flyers with discounts!

PPS:  I can't resist alliteration.

PPPS:  Please pass this email on to your friends!

PPPPS:  We are getting new (well, vintage new) items every day...

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