Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creating Art From Paper (or) How to Stand Out Among 50 Siblings

Dear Friends:
Here at our charming little outpost in HK (that's Hell's Kitchen not Hong Kong) I get to meet amazing people from all over the world.  This week we've had visitors from almost every Scandinavian country...I've been "Toosen Takk-ing" a lot. 

Our artists also hail from many countries.  Gerardo Latino, that incredible master of paper whose work garnishes comments like "Holy cow!" and "That can't be paper!" every single day, is from Managua, Nicaragua.  From a very poor background, the only thing Gerardo had to create art from was small scraps of paper that he would find in the street.  Much of his art is based on his early and very close-up experiences with nature.
The Scorpion
"The Scorpion" by Gerardo Latino, Archival Watercolor Paper, 32" x 36", $4500 
When Gerardo was a child he often played with scorpions.  They would crawl in and out of his bed.  He said that they will only bite if you close your fingers over them.  Hmm....good to know.

Gerardo Mayan King
"Mayan Pacal King", Archival Watercolor Paper
 12" x 14", $900
About his 50 siblings: Gerardo's father was a salesman of shoes and sandals all over Latin America for many years.  Although he never married, he has families in several different countries.  Gerardo commented "My father didn't drink or smoke, but loved beautiful women".  Gerardo has met 37 of his siblings.  His mother and full sisters live today in Costa Rica and he recently bought them a house in the lovely city of San Jose.

ArtsEcho Galleria commissioned the portrait of Albert Einstein that has amazed so many of you.  Gerardo told me that he made 5 attempts to create the piece since he had never made a human face.  There are many layers to the face and each of Albert's famous hairs is attached separately to achieve the affect. 
Gerardo Latino Einstein
"Portrait of Albert Einstein" by Gerardo Latino, 32" x 36"
Archival Watercolor Paper, $4800

I love Einstein and I always tell the kids who come into our warm little haven that he is my home-boy.  I don't have a clue as to what Einstein's physical formulas mean but I know that he was a great humanist and a pacifist all the way up to WW II (and we all know that you couldn't be intelligent and a pacifist in Europe during the war).  Also, his image is the only truly iconic one (other than politicians, sports figures, models or famous entertainers) recognized by people of all ages all over the world.  I can't think of another intellectual or scientist who is Marilyn-Elvis-famous other than good old Albert.  Can you?

Here's one more to help you think.  It's called "Inner Search":
Gerardo Latino Inner Search
"Inner Search" by Gerardo Latino, Archival Watercolor Paper, 12" x 16", $1600

Warm regards and Happy Easter and Happy (end of) Passover to all,
Sandra and the ArtsEcho Galleria Team

PS:  Many thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes, you lovely people!

PPS:  We're at 455 W 43rd Street and you can also reach us at 646 692 6277.

PPPS:  Our hours are 12 - 8 Tuesday through Saturday and 12 - 6 on Sunday.

PPPPS:  Lately we have been having ad hoc soirees at ArtsEcho when several people meet one another in our shop.  Being very curious I love to find out where people are from and what they do (I don't ask how much they earn)...yesterday evening we had an ESL teacher from South Korea, a Portuguese teacher from Brazil and a Spanish teacher from Mexico!  I made everyone a cup of my famous (secret recipe) cocoa and the party began!

PPPPPS:  Please forward this email to all of your many terrific friends and tell them about our gallery and the incredible prices on spectacular vintage clothing.  And if you know anyone who writes for any newspapers...blogs...magazines...

PPPPPPS:  Enough with the PS's.

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